Sunday, June 23, 2013

Angelica Zambrano: (EXPOSED)

Its sad how many people have fell into the trap in believing Angelica Zambrano. The truth is that she is nothing but a modern day Liar and False Prophet.


  1. This lady is a wolf in sheep's skin! I can't believe that people just believe her without question! An 8 year old child burning in hell for liking cartoons? This woman is crazy. Also, no one is brought back to life after being dead for 23 hours. Silly.

  2. Seriously. Anyone who believes someone can go to Hell and back as if they're going to the store is in dire need of psychiatric treatment. One of Satan's favorite tricks is to try to make those who are evil look as if they are "good", and this is just one of many historical examples.Angelica Zambrano is a liar - period.

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